106, 2023

Instrumentation Census in the Spanish Astronomical Facilities

RIA has prepared the “Instrumentation Census in the Spanish Astronomical Facilities”, a compilation of all instruments available to the astronomical community in the Spanish astronomical facilities as of May 2023. This census is [...]

2405, 2023

ASTRONET Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap 2022-2035

The new ASTRONET report sets out recommendations to guide investment priorities fostering our understanding of the Universe in the next decades. The ASTRONET Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap 2022-2035 ( is the [...]

1703, 2023

ESO User Committee Poll

 Deadline:   26/03/2023 The Users Committee (UC) represents ESO's astronomical community providing a link between ESO and their users. On an annual basis the UC is seeking feedback through a [...]

2510, 2022

RIA keeps its status in the Maps of ICTS 2021-2024

The Astronomical Infraestructure Network (RIA) has passed the Comité Asesor de Infraestructuras Singulares (CAIS) evaluation and keeps its status within the "Mapa de de Infraestructuras Científicas y Técnicas Singulares (ICTS) [...]

2607, 2022

11th IRAM millimeter interferometry School

From 21/10/2022 to 25/10/2022 The 11th IRAM millimeter interferometry school will be held November 21-25, 2022 at the IRAM headquarters (Grenoble, France). It is intended for students, post-docs and scientists [...]

1805, 2021

SKA news

**We apologize, this information is only available in Spanish** El próximo 31 de mayo, a las 9.30 am, tendrá lugar el webinario "2021: arranca la construcción de SKA". Organizado conjuntamente por CDTI E.P.E y el [...]

402, 2021

SKAO is born

Nighttime composite image of the SKA combining all elements in South Africa and Australia. Credit: SKAO, ICRAR, SARAO Published at: SKAO Global Headquarters, Jodrell Bank, UK, Thursday 4 February 2021 – The SKA [...]

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