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August 2020

Suspension of ESO P107 Call for Proposals Confirmed

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the La Silla Paranal Observatory has resulted in the loss of virtually all the observing time allocated in Period 105 (April-September 2020), and the timescale for a [...]

July 2020

May 2020

Workshop MAAT@GTC

Date: 5 May 2020Venue: virtual format (link will be provided for remote connection)Registration deadline April 30th. MAAT* (Mirror-slicer Array for Astronomical Transients) is proposed as a visitor mirror-slicer optical system that will allow the OSIRIS [...]

March 2020

Novedades sobre las ICTS/IOI de Astronomía (marzo 2020)

(we apologize, this information is only available in Spanish) En la última reunión del Comité Directivo de la Red de Infraestructuras de Astronomía, celebrada el 18 de febrero de 2020, se comunicaron las siguientes [...]

SEA2020 /XIV Scientific Meeting ONLINE

27th March 2020, SEA Board release In view of the current situation, the Board of SEA, in agreement with the Local and Scientific Organizing Committees has taken the decision of cancelling the face-to-face [...]

ESO Users Committee Poll 2020

The Users Committee (UC) represents ESO’s astronomical community forming a direct link between the users and ESO. On an annual basis we ask users for feedback through our User Committee Poll [link to: https://www.eso.org/extra/surveys/index.php/239975?lang=en. [...]

February 2020

ING instrumentation update 2020-2021

From Marc Balcells (Director ING) WEAVE INTEGRATION:ING is happy to report that WEAVE delivery and integration into the WHT is progressing well and picking up speed in 2020. A number of technical problems [...]

October 2019

XII aniversario de la RIA

Hoy, 18 de octubre de 2019, celebramos el XII aniversario de la RIA. En esa misma fecha de 2007 se reunió, en el Observatorio de Yebes, por primera vez su Comité Directivo: De [...]

August 2019

Voyage 2050

The next planning cycle of the ESA Science Programme, Voyage 2050, is now underway. Through the present Call for White Papers the Director of Science invites the broad scientific community to submit their ideas [...]

June 2019

“Comet Interceptor”: the first ESA´s F-class mission

 "Comet Interceptor" has been selected as ESA’s new fast-class mission in its Cosmic Vision Programme. Comprising three spacecraft, it will be the first to visit a truly pristine comet or other interstellar object that [...]

Night CAT: 2019B time allocation

The Time Allocation Committee (CAT) on the Canarian Observatories announces the results of the CAT 2019B meeting (standard call for proposals) for the GTC, GTC, TNG, NOT, INT,  LT, and Mercator [...]

April 2019

9th IRAM 30m Summer School

06-13 September 2019 The 9th IRAM 30-meter Summer School on Millimeter Astronomy will take place in September, 6-13 in the ski resort of Pradollano, in the Spanish Sierra Nevada, at only 15 minutes [...]

March 2019

Founding Members sign SKA Observatory treaty

Rome, Italy, Tuesday 12th of March 2019  (Credit: SKA Organisation) Countries involved in the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Project have come together in Rome for the signature of the international treaty establishing the [...]

February 2019

Jordi Torra. In memóriam

El 26 de febrero de 2019 falleció en Barcelona nuestro queridísimo Jordi Torra, excelente investigador y mejor persona, luchador infatigable. Estimados colegas: Deseamos compartir con vosotros estas primeras horas [...]

December 2018

VI meeting on Science with GTC

The VI meeting on "Science with GTC" will take place in Valencia, Spain, from the 12th to the 14th of December, 2018. The meeting will include two and a half days of both oral [...]

November 2018

October 2018

Inauguration of the LST-1 telescope on La Palma

The prototype of the four large size telescopes which will be a part of the CTA North network, referred to as LST-1, was inaugurated at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on October 10th [...]

July 2018

Reuniones Abiertas de la RIA 2018

(we apologize, this information is only available in Spanish) La RIA invita a toda la comunidad a participar en las Reuniones Abiertas aprobadas por su Comité Directivo tras la 11ª convocatoria para [...]

June 2018

Spain joins the SKA Organisation

Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades press release Web SKA Spain In a unanimous decision, the Board of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Organisation approved the application for membership submitted by the [...]

May 2018

VI meeting on Science with GTC

  The VI meeting on Science with GTC will take place in Valencia, Spain, from the 12th to the 14th of December, 2018.  The main aim of this meeting is for participants to share their [...]

Nuevas jornadas sobre Instrumentación Astronómica en España

(we apologize, this information is only available in Spanish) Miguel Mas y Jesús Gallego, en nombre del Comité de Organización, anuncian unas Nuevas jornadas sobre Instrumentación Astronómica en España, continuación de las que se llevan [...]

March 2018


Gaia Data Release 2 is scheduled for 25 April 2018. A description of the anticipated contents of Gaia DR2 is available at the ESA web site. Following the Gaia second data release, [...]

ESO and ESO-ALMA Users Committee poll

 Publication date: 01/03/2018 The 42nd meeting of the ESO and ALMA-ESO Users Committee (UC) will be held in April 26-27. The “special topic” of the 42nd ESO and ALMA-ESO UC meeting will be: [...]