MEGARA (Multi Espectrógrafo en GTC de Alta Resolución para Astronomía) is an optical (3650 – 9750Å), fibre-fed, medium-high spectral resolution (R = 6000, 12000, 20000) instrument for the GTC 10.4m telescope, in operation since July 2018. The scientific exploitation of MEGARA demands a stellar-spectra library to interpret galaxy data and to estimate the contribution of the stellar populations. To date, there is no complete library, either empirical or theoretical, able to fulfill the MEGARA parameters. The motivation of this project is to obtain a stellar spectral atlas for MEGARA, focused on the highest resolution setups. The spectra have R ~ 20000 in the HR-R and HR-I setups, centred at 6563 and 8633 Å respectively. The data will become available to the community through different releases that can be download here.

The on-going GTC Open-Time program provides the data through filler-type observations in telescope scratch time. The proposals from which we have received granted GTC filler-type time for this program are: GTC22-18B, GTC37-19A, GTC33-19B and GTC19-20A.

Data Release DR1 already available here.