Start date: 18/06/2008

End date: 18/06/2008

  • Place: Instituto Rocasolano CSIC, C/ Serrano 119, 28006 Madrid
  • Organizer: J.Martín-Pintado
  • Description:

    To introduce the Spanish community to the scientific exploitation of ALMA, the ALMA Working Group of the “Red de Infraestructuras en Astronomía” (RIA) has decided to organize a one day workshop. The workshop is not only intended for radio astronomers, but for all astronomers interested on the future scientific exploitation of ALMA. The workshop will be held in the Campus of the CSIC in Madrid on 18 June 2008.

    In the workshop, the roles of the ARC and of the different ARC nodes will be presented. There will also be detailed presentations of some of the ARC nodes with special emphasis on the IRAM one. The workshop will also serve to the Spanish groups to present their involvements on software development related with the future exploitation of ALMA.

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