Start date: 18/04/2012

 End date: 20/04/2012

Organizing institution

Organizing institution


  • Place: Palacio de los condes de Gabia. Plaza Girones, 1, Granada
  • Organizer: José M Vílchez (IAA-CSIC); Martin Roth (AIP, Postdam, Germany)
  • Description:Rationale

    The advent of integral field spectroscopy (IFS) has provided astronomers with new tools to study the evolution of galaxies. 3D spectroscopic mapping of emission and absorption line fluxes and their corresponding kinematics of galaxies at different cosmic times have provided unique clues for our understanding of galaxy formation and evolution. IFS instruments have been applied in exploration of chemical properties of galaxies in the optical and infrared domains, from the Local Volume to cosmological epochs.Metallicity is a fundamental property in the Universe: interstellar medium (ISM) elemental abundances and dust content; stellar populations; the evolution of galaxies and the intergalactic medium are all strongly linked to their metal content, as it controls the cooling function and the formation of the first stars and galaxies. In this meeting we propose to review the impact of IFS on the recent metal content results for a large diversity of objects in the Universe, and to design new ambitious programs to extend these studies with the next generation of IFS instruments, including AO-assisted IFS in the optical and NIR.

    Keeping all this in mind, we will organize this conference to gather most active researchers and technical experts in IFS in a forum to show and discuss achievements of 3D IFS and its unique insight into the metal content of the Universe. Our goal is to exchange new ideas about key problems, and possible solutions in this field. We hope that this meeting will provide most useful inputs to all participants for the optimum exploitation of present and future IFS instruments, while enlarging the growing community of researchers working with 3D spectroscopy.

    Invited speakers

    S. Arribas, T. Böeker, G. Blanc, R. Cid-Fernandes, T. Contini, R. L. Davies, A. Gil de Paz, L. Kewley, S. Sánchez, P. Sánchez-Blazquez, G. Tenorio-Tagle, Y. Tsamis, J. Walsh.

    Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC) 

    • Joss Bland-Hawthorn (Sydney)
    • Beatriz Barbuy (Sao Paulo)
    • Ángeles Díaz (Madrid)
    • Eric Emsellem (ESO, Garching)
    • Gerhard Hensler (Vienna)
    • Martin M. Roth (Postdam, co-chair)
    • Casiana Muñoz-Tuñon (La Laguna)
    • Linda Smith (Baltimore)
    • Roberto Terlevich (Puebla & Cambridge)
    • José M. Vilchez (Granada, co-chair)

    Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

    • E. Pérez-Montero (chair)
    • R. Amorín
    • E. Calle
    • A. Fernández-Martín
    • R. García-Benito
    • J. Hernández-Fernández
    • J. Iglesias-Páramo
    • C. Kehrig
    • A. Monreal-Ibero
    • V. Petropoulou


    • The RIA organization supports this workshop, so no fee is requested.
    • The deadline for registration is 25 February, 2012.
    • Register and provide an abstract of your proposed contribution using the registration form provided below.
    • If you have any question just use the email address:
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