Start date: 04/05/2009

 End date: 05/05/2009

  • Place: Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
  • Organizer: José Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa (IAC)
  • Description: 
    •   Rationale

    Mid IR observing is a technique that most of the GTC user community is not familiar with. However, Mid IR observations are now routinely carried out, as with the new panoramic arrays much has been gained in terms of control over the sky and telescope noise. Especially in the 10μm band, where the sky transparency is quite stable, Mid IR observing can be used with the confidence that good data can be obtained fairly routinely. CanariCam will be the most advanced Mid IR instrument on a large telescope. During the meeting, the capabilities of CanariCam will be discussed. The majority of the workshop will feature key speakers who will show the many facets of mid-IR science applications…

    The intention of the meeting is to help the community becoming familiar with the kind of science that can be done in the Mid IR with an instrument such as CanariCam.

    There will be a number of key speakers that will show examples of Mir IR applications. We would also like to encourage contributed papers, specially but not exclusively, covering topics not discussed by the key speakers.

    • Venue & dates

    The meeting will be held at the IAC. To facilitate the access to the talks of as many interested people as possible, the IAC’s streaming service will be used to broadcast the meeting trough the internet. The meeting format will be two half days starting late in the morning on May 4th, to allow for travel of those coming from far away, plus the morning of the second day, with an brief extension to the afternoon of the second day if necessary.

    There is the possibility of some funding for attending the Workshop. Interested participants should contact Dr. Esther Calle from the RIA by the 24th of April.

    This Workshop is being funded by the Red de Infraestructuras Astronómicas (RIA).

    • Scientific organizing committee:

    • José Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa (IAC)
    • Nancy Levenson (U. Kentucky)
    • Chris Packham (U. Florida)
    • Charles Telesco (U. Florida)

    • Key speakers (all tentative)

    • Charlie Telesco, Canaricam overview
    • Humberto Campins, Cometary science
    • Javier Licandro, TNOs
    • Rafael Rebolo, Substellar Objects
    • David Barrado, Proto-Stellar objects
    • Nuria Huélamo, Disks & T Tauri stars
    • Jim Hough, The ISM & Star formation (Polarimetry)
    • Arturo Manchado  PAHs, AGBs & Proto-Planetaries
    • Paco Najarro, Obscured Star Clusters
    • Pepa Masegosa, LINERS
    • Almudena Alonso, Ultraluminous Galaxies
    • Chris Packham, AGN
    • Nancy Levenson, Dusty Tori
    • ¿? , QSO
    • Ismael Pérez Fournón, Synergies with Herschel

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