Publication date: 06/05/2008

ESO will allocate more than 120 nights of observation for research in the GTC

Images of GTC

Images of GTC

  • The observations will start in the first half of 2009
  • 16 proposals have been received in this first call

The 21st of April was the deadline to submit proposals asking for GTC observing time within the ESO-GTC Programme. This programme is part of the in-kind contribution agreed between Spain and ESO when our country joined this organisation. Thanks to it, 122 observing nights with GTC will be allocated by ESO between 2009 and 2011 to projects submitted by European researchers. These projects will be especially relevant, requiring more than 20 observing nights and guaranteeing first-line scientific results.

Spanish participation

More than 16 proposals were received for this first call, out of which 9 were submitted by Spanish PIs, with Spanish CoIs participating in other 3 proposals. The observations corresponding to the selected proposals will start in the first semester of 2009.