Solar Telescopes


The task of this group is to follow up the “European Solar Telescope” and “Solar Orbiter” projects and, in general, the coordination of activities from earth and space. It is another aim of this group its activity related to the European I3 project about Solar Telescopes.

It will also support the RIA Coordinator in developing a report on the Solar Physics scientific production in Spain. This report should be ready by June 2011.


Solar Physics in Spain is mainly developed at IAC, IAA and a few Universities, therefore the composition of this working group should reflect this fact.

Name Position Affiliation
Manuel Collados Chair IAC
Luis Bellot Vice chair IAA-CSIC
Martín A Guerrero Roncel RIA manager IAA-CSIC
José Carlos del Toro Member CSIC
Javier Trujillo Bueno Member IAC
Javier R. Pacheco Member UAH
Ramón Oliver Member UIB
Blai Sanahuja Member UB