The meeting was organised as an in-person meeting with general talks to inform the community of the status of the mission and the Spanish contributions to the mission and the possibilities of scientific exploitation. The second part of the meeting had contributed talks from the participants to show work that is being done in our community related to Euclid. The third part consisted in an open discussion session to delve deeper into these topics and debate collaboration strategies between Spanish scientific groups and how to better exploit the Spanish ICTS for the benefit of the Euclid scientific exploitation by our community.
The feedback from the participants was very positive as this has been the first meeting related to the Euclid mission in Spain and has served to better know and understand what the groups in Spain are doing regarding the mission. We decided to have annual meetings following this one as a forum for our community to put in common our work related to the Euclid mission and coordinate its scientific exploitation.

Participant Statistics

  • Total Number:
    • There were 79 registered participants. 64 (81%) in person and 15 (19%) remotely.
  • Gender and Diversity:
    • Of the 79 registered participants 57 (72%) were men and 22 (28%) women.
    • 47 (59%) participants were Early Career Scientist (ECS, students and postdocs) and 32 (41%) had permanent positions.
    • There were 44 talks: 17 were invited talks and 27 contributed talks. 5 (11%) talks were given remotely by zoom.
    • 34 (77%) talks were given by men and 10 (23%) talks by women.
    • 20 (43%) talks were given by ECS and 27 (57%) talks were given by permanents staff.

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