Deadline: 30/09/2011

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Next semester (2013B, August 2013 through January 2014), the Spanish CAT will introduce a call for large observing programmes. These programmes are intended to support projects in need of significant observing time, either within a single semester or across several semesters. As a pilot call we offer now the possibility of requesting large blocks of observing time during semester 2013A (February through July 2013) on several telescopes.

The time available is distributed as follows
– up to 10 nights on the 2.5 Isaac Newton Telescope (IDS or WFC)
– up to 15 nights on the Mercator telescope (HERMES)
– up to 150 hours on the Stella-II telescope (SES)

The deadline for submission of proposals is December 7.

Proposals can be submitted for the total or a significant fraction of the time available on one or several of the telescopes included in this call. Successful proposals will be given preference in the first call for Large Programme proposals as part of the regular call for semester 2013B.


  • Proposals must be led by a principal investigator (PI) affiliated with a Spanish Institution.
  • The application form will automatically include information about results from observations associated with proposals awarded with time in the last 4 semesters. Such information must be supplied by the investigators previously to submit any proposal (for additional information visit
  • A new LaTeX style is available at Its use is advised for consistency with the modifications introduced in the application form.


  • To submit a proposal, YOU MUST REGISTER AT: If you have already registered but you do not remember your password, please do NOT register AGAIN. You can find instructions on how to reset your password at the same web page.
  • Please check that the uploaded pdf file contains the latest version of the proposal, and that it prints correctly, well in advance of the deadline. No changes to the content of proposals are allowed after the deadline, and proposals which do not correctly print out or lack relevant sections will be automatically excluded from the evaluation process. Proposals using a font size smaller than 10pt (the default value) or including a scientific justification longer than one page (graphs and references can use an additional page) will also be excluded.
  • Proposers are advised to follow instructions provided at
  • For more information visit