Deadline: 01/04/2009

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Together with the regular ESO Call for Proposals, ESO invites users to submit proposals for observations at the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) within the framework of the accession agreement of Spain into ESO.

For this second call for ESO GTC programmes, the available instruments will be the optical imager and multi-object spectrograph OSIRIS (the availability of the blue arm is subject to its successful commissioning in 2009) and the mid-IR imager-spectro-polarimeter CanariCam, also subject to successful commissioning in 2009.

Observations will be conducted either in Service or in Visitor Mode.

Proposals should request a minimum of 10 nights, equivalent to 90 hours of Service Mode observations. The ESO rules for Guaranteed Time Observations (GTO) will apply to the ESO/GTC programmes recommended by the OPC.

GTO programmes from the instrumentation teams will have priority over ESO/GTC proposals. In order to avoid duplication, the abstracts and lists of targets from these GTO teams are posted on the GTC web pages and should be read by the prospective applicants to avoid duplication. Deadline for submission of ESO/GTC proposals is 01 April 2009, 12:00 noon CEST, as for standard ESO proposals. More information can be found in the ESO Call for Proposals.