The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is now calling for new nominations to serve on the OPC (“Observing Programmes Committee) panels for the next 2 years from period P112 to period P115. More details can be found at this link

As the current Spanish national representative of the ESO Users Committee, I have been asked by ESO to provide a list of candidates to serve as referees to the OPC panels. In the specific case of Spain, we are looking for female in all research areas covered by ESO (“the panels”). I would very much appreciate if you could contact me (Nicolas Lodieu; nlodieu at to nominate yourself, sending me the following information:

  • Full name and last name:
  • Home affiliation and correspondence email:
  • Your current position: choose among: PhD student, postdoc, researcher/reader, assistant professor, associated professor, full professor, faculty member, other:
  • The year of your PhD:
  • Your ORCID number:
  • Your scientific category: A, B, C, D (**)
  • Sub-categories of expertise (3 maximum): e.g. A1, B2, C3, D4
  • Telescope expertise among: APEX (other single dish: IRAM 30m, Yebes 40m), Interferometry (ALMA), VLTI, Other
  • Any additional comments on experience and expertise not included above

(**) Notes: Scientific categories:
A – Cosmology and the intergalactic medium
B – Galaxies
C – Interstellar medium, star formation, and planetary systems
D – Stellar evolution

Please contact the Spanish representative for any further information or questions.

Please, do not hesitate to forward this message within your institution.