ESA Scientific Programme


This working group has as a goal to optimize, by coordinating and advising, the Spanish participation in the ESA Scientific Programme. At the same time, it will be coordinated to the RIA in order to harmonize the space activities with those at the ground-based Astronomical Infrastructures.

The Spanish representation at ESA is the responsibility of the Centre for Technologic Industrial Development (CDTI) and therefore, this agency is in charge of defining the structure and functioning of this working group.

  • To coordinate the Spanish performance in the ESA Scientific Programme, in particular, in the Scientific Committee and in the advisory groups to this committee: Space Science Advisory Committee, Astronomy Working Group, Fundamental Physics Advisory Group y Solar System Working Group.
  • To advise to the Spanish delegation in the ESA Scientific Programme.
  • To keep informed the scientific community about the status and the decisions taken in the ESA Scientific Committee.


This working group will consist of:

  • The Spanish representative in the ESA Scientific Committee.
  • The members of the advisory groups to the ESA Scientific Programme:
    • Space Science Advisory Committee
    • Astronomy Working Group
    • Fundamental Physics Advisory Group
    • Solar System Working Group
  • The MINECO advisor in the ESA Scientific Programme.
  • The manager of the Space Area at MINECO.
  • The manager of the Astronomy and Astrophysics at MINECO.

Occasionally, the Spanish representatives in the Management Committees of the Scientific Program missions or some member of the scientific community will be invited when a topic that requires it is going to be addressed.

The chair of this working group will be the Spanish delegate in the ESA Scientific Programme, who will keep informed the Board of the RIA about its activities.

The working group will meet three times per year, before the ESA Scientific Committee meetings.

The RIA Coordinator, the chairs of the RIA working groups or members of the RIA Board will may attend as observers to the G8 meetings, at the discretion of its coordinator.

Name Position Affiliation
Pilar Román (Chair) Spanish Delegate in the ESA-SPC CDTI
Jordi Isern Member of the ESA-SSAC IEEC-CSIC
María Rosa Zapatero Osorio Member of the ESA-AWG CAB (CSIC-INTA)
Javier Rodríguez Pacheco Member of the ESA-SSWG UAH
Miguel Mas MINECO Advisor in the ESA Scientific Programme CAB (CSIC-INTA)
 José Carlos del Toro Manager of the Space Area at MICIU MICIU
Agustín Sánchez Lavega Manager of the Astronomy and Astrophysics at MICIU MICIU
Luis Bellot IAA-CSIC