Deadline: 20/01/2013

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On account of the technical problems encountered during the re-commissioning of VISIR, about 400 hours of observing time have become available at UT3. For this reason, ESO invites proposals for observations at UT3 with the ISAAC near-infrared imager and spectrograph during Period 91. Owing to operational constraints and ongoing time commitments, requests are restricted to the RA range 12 to 22 hours. Although Service Mode is encouraged, the Observatory will consider and evaluate Visitor Mode requests based on their scientific requirements.

Preference is given to programmes with loose moon constraints. However a fraction of the observations can be accommodated during dark time depending on the scientific justification. Proposals must be submitted using the P90 DDT template, which is available via the ESO User Portal. To allow for quick processing of the proposals, the Special Remarks section should contain the following statement: “ISAAC Delta-Call”. In the case of a Visitor Mode request, a detailed justification should be given in Box 8b (DDT Justification).

Proposals can be submitted any time before 20 January 2013. Applicants will be informed about the outcome of the selection process as soon as possible after the deadline.