Operations, use and oversight


Its aim is helping for a better use of the ICTS and promote actions to improve their access, use and coordination.

Respecting the responsibilities that each institution owes to the ICTS that depend on it, this working group house, among others, the following activities:

  • To know and to report, if necessary, about the relevant changes in the operating of the various ICTS, including the key personnel.
  • To improve the financing system of “observing in visitor mode” to the national ICTS, for those proposals that get observing time from the corresponding Time Allocation Committee.
  • To promote, and coordinate if it is possible, the actions for “improvement” of the existing ICTS, under the call “Subprogramme of design, feasibility, access and improvement of Singular Scientific-Technical Infrastructures (ICTS)” of the MINECO.
  • To study the possibility of establishing an archive system (probably in VO standard) of the ICTS data –whenever such an archive do not exist- in order to make easier their later scientific exploitation.
  • To consider the desirability and feasibility of establishing a (single?) Users Committee for all the national ICTS.
  • To establish, in mutual agreement, a mechanism and a format to make easier the collection by the MINECO of annual reports concerning the scientific exploitation and the main actions of the operating ICTS, in order to analyze their scientific use.
  • To establish, in mutual agreement, a mechanism and a format to make easier the data collection about technological returns generated by the ICTS.
  • To study actions that promote the massive scientific exploitation of ICTS by proposing to MINECO specific proceedings in this area (for example, support to research groups that get “Large Programmes” at ESO, CAHA, “ International Time Programmes” at OT and ORM or at the ESO-GTC program).


It will contain people related to the management of each ICTS on Spanish territory, at least three scientists representing the users, by Astronomy National Committee proposal, and some MINECO collaborator at the National Plan.

Since there is a close link between those activities and the National Plan implementing from the MINECO, it is considered operational that this working group is coordinated by the National Programme Manager of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Name On behalf of Affiliation
Vicent Martínez (Chair) RIA manager MICIU
Rafael Garrido CAHA IAA-CSIC
Francisco Colomer OY IGN
Mario Tafalla IRAM IGN
Jesús Burgos ORM IAC
Álex Oscoz OT IAC
Ángeles Díaz Appointed by the CNA UAM
Josefa Masegosa Appointed by the CNA IAA-CSIC
Josep Martí Appointed by the CNA UJ
Francisco Herrada Subdirección General de Grandes Instalaciones Científico-Técnicas MICIU
Raúl Fernández Recio División de Coordinación, Evaluación y Seguimiento Científico y Técnico AEI-MICIU