Publication date: 13/12/2010

You can consult the Night Time CAT programme ( to check whether your proposals have been
awarded time for semester 2011A. To do this, enter the program with your password. Once you are in the application, you will find instructions for accessing the time awarded page.

The exact observing dates will be communicated to you by the person responsible for the scheduling of each installation. When you have received this communication, you may consider your proposal as definitively approved.

  • Acknowledgement:
  • For articles produced on the basis of CAT-awarded telescope time remember that you are under obligation to state this in the acknowledgements section of the article, mentioning the telescopes used with the express wording given in the corresponding section of the CAT and GTC web pages.
  • Publications:
  • It is equally necessary and obligatory henceforth to inform the CAT Secretary of the ADS localiser of the corresponding articles once they have been published so that successful awarded telescope time may be tracked in real time.
  • GTC:
  • On this occassion, the CAT committee has scientifically evaluated all the proposals submitted applying GTC time for semester 2011A, temptatively approving a large set with rank above 6.2. The punctuation you will find is illustrative of your rank (1 to 10; 10 = best). In consequence, no cut note for this semester, as all the proposals have been assigned a punctuation. The final selection entirely depends on the decision of the staff responsible for this telescope’s schedule. On this basis, the GTC team will classify the proposals in 3 bands: top priority, second priority and filler priority. All PIs of temptatively approved proposals will be informed by GTC in which of the 3 bands they fall.
  • NOT:
  • In the case of the NOT, final approval will depend on the preparation of the telescope calendar and on the availability of the technical means required to carry out the proposed observations.
  • TNG:
  • In the case of the TNG, the IPs of all those proposals that have been awarded observing time on this telescope to inform the persons responsible for the telescope of the name of the observer who will carry out the observations.
  • IAC-80 y CST
  • In the case of these telescopes, allocations have not yet been added to our CAT data base. You will
    directly beeninformed by the person responsible for both installations as soon as the observing schedules have been programmed and receive a message with the definitive dates.