Deadline: 28/02/2021

The International Scientific Committee (CCI) of the Observatorios de Canarias (Roque de los Muchachos -ORM, La Palma and Teide -OT, Tenerife) invites applications for the International Time Programme (ITP) on the telescopes installed at these Observatories.

The ITP offers up to 5% of the observing time, evenly spread throughout the year and the lunar cycle. A proposal can request up to 15 nights/yea rof observing time on each of the following telescopes: WHT (4.2m), TNG (3.58m), NOT (2.56m), INT (2.54m), MERCATOR (1.2m) and 80 hours on the GTC (10m), LT (2m)& STELLA (2×1.2m). A proposal can cover a period of up to two consecutive years (4 semesters).

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