Teide Observatory

EThe Teide Observatory (OT) is placed in the Macizo de Izaña, 2390 m high, in the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands). Its geographical location (between the east and west solar observatories), coupled with transparency and excellent astronomical quality of its sky, have driven Teide Observatory to devote itself preferably to the study of the Sun, concentrating the best European solar telescopes: VTT, THEMIS and Gregor. In addition, it also has a number of night observation telescopes: TCS, reflector telescope Mons, IAC-80, OGS, Star, Bradford Robotic Telescope, Robotic Telescopes Stella Stella I and II, and SLOOH. Finally, the OT also has a Solar Physics Laboratory and several experiments to study the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.


*Images courtesy of Observatorio del Teide