Although the Spanish delegation at ESO is hold by the MCIU, this working group is created in order to optimize the scientific-technical returns and coordinate, as much as possible, the ESO activities (throughout the whole of the ESO programme at La Silla-Paranal, ALMA and E-ELT) with those in other Spanish Astronomical Infrastructures. It is intended to facilitate the flow of information to and from ESO and collect opinions related to important decisions.

The main tasks of this working group are:

  • To advise the Spanish delegation at ESO, particularly in the decision-making body (the Council).
  • To colaborate in publicising the decisions taken in the bodies of ESO to the community.


The following members will take part of this working group:

  • The Spanish representatives (delegates) at ESO Council  (Cou)
  • The Spanish representative at the Finance Committee  (FC), as well as the Industrial Liaison Officer of CDTI at ESO.
  • The member of the Spanish community who serves in the Users Committee  (UC) of ESO.
  • The members of Spanish Centres who serve in the Committees and working groups that advise the ESO Council, in particular the followings:
    • Science and Technology Committee (STC)
    • La Silla-Paranal working group (LSP)
    • E-ELT Project Science Team (E-ELT PST). Established in May 2012
    • European ALMA Science Advisory Committee (ESAC) and the ALMA Science Advisory Committee (ASAC).
    • E-ELT Science Working Team ( E-ELT SWT). Disbanded in February 2012 .
  • The chairt of the “Radio Astronomy Infrastructures” working group.
  • An astronomer of the Spanish community related to the E-ELT project.

The head of the Spanish Delegation to ESO Council will be the Chair of this group. Usually, there will be two meetings per year, shortly before the two formal ESO Council Meetings in June and December.

The Chair may also invite other experts and MCIU authorities to attend the meetings.

Name Position Affiliation
Inmaculada Figueroa (Chair) Head of the Spanish Delegation to ESO MCIN
Rafael Bachiller Spanish delegate at Cou MCIN
José Juan Sánchez Spanish delegate at the FC MCIN
Javier Echávarri Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) at ESO CDTI
Nicolas Lodieu UC member IAC
Javier Cenarro STC member CEFCA
Agustín Sánchez-Lavega E-ELT PST member UPV/EHU
Rafael Bachiller Chair of the “Radio Astronomy Infrastructures” working group CAB (CSIC-INTA)
Artemio Herrero Member IAC