Deadline: 01/01/2000

  • Description:

The IAC CAT announces the availability of Director Discretionary Time at the 10.4m GTC telescope (DDT-GTC). To be eligible for DDT-GTC
time, a proposal must pursue exceptional scientific goals and fall within one of the following categories:

  • be an unforeseen phenomenon of particular importance requiring quick response;
  • be the follow-up of recent ground-based or space observations, where urgent action might provide break-through results;
  • be a high risk, high gain proposal. It is considered as an element of risk to request a limited amount of telescope time to test the feasibility of a potentially important programme.

Members of any research centre of the GTC community (Spain, Mexico and the University of Florida) can apply for DDT-GTC time. Proposers should provide a very clear justification why the programme should be considered for the DDT-GTC scheme and is not suitable for submission to the corresponding TAC at the standard deadlines. The amount of time that can be requested by a single proposal is generally limited to a small number of hours. More time-expensiveproposals should deal
with exceptional science.

DDT-GTC proposals can be submitted at any time, using the corresponding form.

All information is in the CAT web pages at the link below