Publication date: 16/08/2012

Letter from Jose A. Acosta Pulido (Head of the CAT):

During the last months there have been several changes implemented in the application interface (CAT application tool) which permits the submission of observing proposals for the telescopes at the Observatorio del Roque de Los Muchachos and Teide.

One of the most significant changes is the way how the information about previously awarded proposals will be included. For each proposal awarded with observing time during the last 4 semesters there will be a registered information concerning success (or not) of the observations and published papers (BiBCodes) based on them. However, in order to have this option working it is mandatory that such information will be supplied a priori by the researchers. We reccomend all users of the tool to scan your last CAT awarded proposals and fill the required information. Just login in to the tool (, go to Spanish-CAT and select “Your proposals->Assign BiBCodes”. Either, the PI or any of the co-Is are allowed to update the proposal information.

This process will be done only once for each proposal, unless new publications should be included. Nevertheless, the final PDF file will include a list with the awarded proposals to the PI, during the last 2 years, albeit no information has been included. Obviously, the panel will consider possitively the results obtained with previous proposals and negatively if they are lacking.

Note that, up to now this information was included manually for each proposal during the generation of the PDF file, being sometimes
a tedious task.