Deadline: 01/10/2012

  • Description:

The deadline for the submission of proposals for Spanish CAT night observing time is next 1 October; (on Monday at 5 pm Canarian local time).

Important recet changes:

  • The Robotic Observatory STELLA is now offered through Spanish CAT. About 20% of the observing time is distributed through Spanish CAT, as established by the International Agreements on Cooperation in Astrophysical Matters, signed by the owner institutions of the telescopes. For more information about this new facility please consult
  • The telescopes IAC80 and Carlos Sanchez (TCS) are not offered through CAT. Any interested potential users must contact directly to the Chief of Telescope Operations [aoscoz at].
  • Every proposal must be lead by a principal investigator (PI) affiliated to a Spanish Institution.
  • The application form will automatically include information about the results obtained from observations performed with proposals awarded with time during the last 4 semesters. Such information must be supplied by the investigators previously to submit any proposal (see more information at
  • A new LaTeX style is available at Its use is advised to be consistent with the modifications introduced in the application form.
  • Information about applying for observing time at the Isaac Newton Group telescopes can be found at
  • The announcement of the call for proposals to observe with the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) will be sent in due course. Note that the deadline for the submission of GTC applications is the same as for the rest of telescopes.

Important reminders:

  • To submit a proposal, you have to be registered AT:
  • If you are already registed but you do not remember your password, please do NOT register TWICE (in order to avoid confusions for statistical purposes).
    You can find instructions about how to reset your password in the same webpage.
  • Please check that the uploaded pdf file contain the latest version of the proposal and it prints correctly, before the deadline expires. No replacement or updating of the proposal content will be made after the deadline, and all those proposals which do not correctly print out or lack relevant sections will be automatically withdrawn from the process of evaluation process. Those proposals where the font size (10pt) has been reduced or the scientific justification exceeds two pages will also be withdrawn. It is advised to follow the instructions described in the following link:
  • For more information see