Deadline: 12/07/2012

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The ALMA Director, on behalf of the Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) and the three partner organizations in East Asia, Europe and North America, is pleased to announce the release of the Early Science Cycle 1 Call for Proposals (CfP). Members of the astronomical community are invited to propose for scientific observations to be scheduled during the period from January to October 2013.

While the highest priority of the ALMA project continues to be the completion of the full 66-antenna array, Cycle 1 observations provide a significant opportunity for science from this unique world-class facility.

Important dates:

The key dates for Cycle 1 are given below. ALMA reserves the right to alter the given dates, should it become necessary to do so.

31 May 2012  Release of Cycle 1 Call for Proposals and related tools and documents
31 May 2012 (15:00 UT)  Opening of the Archive for proposal submission
12 July 2012 (15:00 UT)  Proposal submission deadline
November 2012  Announcement of the outcome of the Proposal Review Process
January 1, 2013  Start of ALMA Cycle 1 Science Observations
October 31, 2013  End of ALMA Cycle 1