Deadline: 24/11/2010

  • Description:

The ORM offers 2 service nights next December with ALFOSC and a half night
with NOTCAM in the NOT telescope .

  • December 2010, 3th and 4th:
    • Moon: None
    • Instrumentation: ALFOSC
    • Observing modes: Imaging (POC*=5%) and visible spectroscopy (POC*=20%
  • December 2010, 11st (only first half of the night):
    • Moon: 36%
    • Instrumentation: NOTCAM
    • Observing modes: Imagen IR (POC*=25%)

(*) POC=Pointing, Overheads and Calibrations

Deadline for submissions is 24th November. Only proposals for 3 hours
will be accepted. These 3 hours should include times POC procedures.

The application form is available at the following link: