Deadline: 29 March 2021

ESO is looking for nominations of candidates who are available to serve on the ESO OPC panels in the next 4 periods (i.e. starting from P109 till P110 if panel members or, in the case of OPC members, till P112).

Spain is usually not very well represented so ESO is looking new candidates with a high level of seniority which can be suitable for the role of OPC (female candidates, especially). With regards to the panels, ESO is looking for experts for the panel B (see list of sub-panels below).

  • B1 The Milky way and local group galaxies
  • B2 Resolved and unresolved stellar populations in galaxies beyond the Local Group (e.g. stellar metallicity, star formation histories)
  • B3 Galaxy structure, dynamics and kinematics (e.g. bulges, disks, morphology, in/outflows, dark matter inside galaxies, stellar orbits)
  • B4 Dwarf galaxies, stellar clusters in galaxies and satellite galaxies
  • B5 Galactic centre, galaxy nuclei and supermassive black holes
  • B6 Physics of Active Galactic Nuclei
  • B7 Interstellar medium and star formation in galaxies (e.g., in/outflows, starburst galaxies, gas-phase metallicity, dust in galaxies)

I would very much appreciate self-nominations by 29 March 2021 to represent Spain during the next periods.

Thank you very much in advance for your collaboration and best regards,

Nicolas Lodieu (ESO UC Spanish representative)