Fecha de comienzo: 22/03/2012

Fecha de finalización: 23/03/2012

  • Lugar: Sede central del CSIC. Edificio C/ Pinar 25
  • Organizador: Andrés Moya
  • Descripción:

    Scientific rationale

    Searching for life outside our Solar system is one of the main objectives of the ESA Cosmic Vision strategic plan. Nowadays, more than 700 exoplanets have been discovered, most of them using ground-based observations. The precise physical characterization of these exoplanets (and those to come) is part of the steps to undertake for achieving this main goal.PlanetVision is a space project planned to answer the S-missions call by ESA. Its main participating countries are Spain and Belgium with other smaller but significant contributions from Portugal, Denmark and Hungary. The Netherlands participates as a scientific partner. The project’s objective is the precise characterization of planetary systems (stars and planets) and the discovery of new planets using high precision photometry in different photometric bands.This workshop represents a scientific milestone for finishing its Phase 0 and preparing the proposal to ESA. Its objective is the discusion and definition of the:1) Science objectives and requirements2) Organization structure

    In order to ensure maximum efficiency, the SOC will distribute an updated draft of the proposal shortly before the workshop. The workshop will be devoted to the discussion of this proposal.


    Anyone interested in attending the workshop can participate in two ways:

    1) Direct attendance to the workshop. This must be communicated to the SOC through the direct registration on the web.

    2) Without attending the workshop. This must be communicated to the SOC via e-mail to amoya@cab.inta-csic.es expressing interest on the project.

    Presentations will include a summary of the project, a summary of the SOC draft proposal, and short 10-min talks by participants with ideas on changes in the mission science requirements, instrument specifications and/or fields to be observed. The rest of the workshop will be filled with discussions.


    • Andrés Moya (Chair, amoya@cab.inta-csic.es) (CAB, INTA-CSIC)
    • Hans Deeg (IAC)
    • Juan Carlos Suárez (IAA, CSIC)


    • Andrés Moya  (CAB, INTA-CSIC)
    • Carlos Rodrigo (CAB, INTA-CSIC)


    • Meeting: 22-23 March, 2012
    • Registration deadline: 22 March, 2012

    At that time the SOC will distribute to the participants the proposal to be discussed during the workshop.

    • Deadline for oral presentation by participants containing alternatives to the initial proposal: 20 March, 2012
    • Any contribution of a participant not attending the workshop will be presented by the moderator and must be submitted before March 20.