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1512, 2017

Special call for Stella-SES proposals – 2018A

Deadline: 19/12/2017 The night Time Allocation Committee (CAT) of the Telescopes on the Canary Islands announces the special call for proposals requiring the SES instrument on STELLA. This special call corresponds to semester 2018A. [...]

2311, 2017

Yebes Observatory 40-m Telescope. Call for Proposals.

Deadline: 04/12/2017 The Observatory of Yebes announces the Call for Proposals to observe with the 40 m radiotelescope for the first semester of 2018 ( January 1st - June 30th, 2018) in single-dish [...]

1907, 2017

MAGIC observing time

Deadline: 3rd November 2017 The MAGIC collaboration encourages individual external scientists to propose observations to be performed with the MAGIC telescopes. Observation time will be granted by the Time [...]

3103, 2017

Spanish guaranteed Observing Time at CAHA

Deadline: 05/04/2017 Up to 16 nights during the second semester of 2017 (1 July - 31 December) are available. The application deadline is 5 April 2017, 23:59 CEST (the same [...]

1003, 2017

CAHA Call for Proposals

  Deadline: 05/04/2017   Calar Alto Observatory announces the Call for Proposals for the Spring Semester 2017 (July 1 - December 31) for the 3.5m and 2.2m telescopes: For the [...]

2802, 2017

Calls for proposals at the 10.4m GTC telescope

Deadline: 03/04/2017 The following two calls for proposals at the 10.4mGTC telescope are open: A regular call for semester 2017B (1 Sep 2017- 28 Feb 2018); A special call for the [...]

2702, 2017

Call for night-time observing proposals at IAC

Deadline: 03/04/2017   The 2017B Spanish night CAT call for proposals for the Canarian Observatories is now available and proposals are due on April 3rd, at 17 h Canarian time [...]

2002, 2017

ING Observing Time

 Deadline: 03/04/2017 Description: IGN announcement of opportunity for observing time in semester 2017B The semester 2017B announcement of opportunity for observing time at the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes on [...]

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