Proposing and processing MEGARA observations with GTC

  Start date: 19/09/2017

  End date: 22/09/2017

Meeting place: Anfiteatro Julio Palacios (M2), Facultad de CC. Físicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Organizer: Armando Gil de Paz


MEGARA is the new integral-field and multi-object spectrograph for GTC, that will provide the telescope with an unprecedented combination of efficiency and spectral resolution (R=6000-20000) in the entire optical window.
During this meeting, the participants will hear about the main characteristics of the instrument, which is already installed at GTC, and its on-sky performance according to the latest commissioning results. All participants will have also the chance to present the science they plan to carry out with MEGARA, either as a contributed talk or a as porter. During the second half of the meeting, they will also learn on the MEGARA observing preparation tools (ETC, MOS configurator and Phase 2 tool) and on the data processing and quick analysis tools (Data Reduction Pipeline and Quicklook, respectively), which will be installed and executed throughout a total of three hands-on sessions.

Scientific organizing committee (SOC):

  • Armando Gil de Paz (chair) – UCM
  • África Castillo Morales – UCM
  • Jesús Gallego Maestro – UCM
  • Esperanza Carrasco Licea – INAOE
  • Jorge Iglesias Páramo – IAA-CSIC
  • Marisa García Vargas- FRACTAL S.L.N.E.
  • Antonio Cabrera-Lavers – GRANTECAN
  • Daniel Reverte Payá – GRANTECAN

Local organizing committee (LOC):

  • Ainhoa Sánchez Penim (chair) – UCM
  • Armando Gil de Paz – UCM
  • África Castillo Morales – UCM
  • Sergio Pascual Ramírez – UCM
  • Cristina Catalán Torrecilla – UCM
  • Bililign T. Dullo – UCM
  • Nicolás Cardiel López – UCM
  • Jorge Iglesias – IAA-CSIC


  • Registration deadline: 15th July
  • Meeting date: 19-22 September

This is a RIA supported workshop (AYA2015-71939-REDI):  NO FEE is requested.


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