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Radio Astronomy Infrastructures


The working group on “Radio Astronomy Infrastructures ” is a forum for information exchange and sharing of activities and strategies for radio astronomy infrastructures in which there is Spanish participation. This working group is entrusted with the following tasks:

  • To promote a better use of radio astronomy facilities that are accessible to the Spanish community today (CAY, IRAM, APEX) or in the future (ALMA and eventually SKA among others).
  • To support the Spanish delegation at ESO in regard to the monitoring of construction and operation activities of ALMA.
  • To funnel the possible Spanish participation in SKA (Square Kilometer Array, collecting the interest of all interested groups and promoting their scientific, technological and industrial impulse in Spain.
  • By request of the RIA Board, to carry out as many studies and reviews on radio astronomy infrastructure as required.


The RIA Board shall appoint a maximum of six members for this working group, including at least two IGN members and two CSIC members.

A representative of the Directorate General of MINECO competent in the area will attend to the meetings, as a non-voting member.

The Board will designate the chair of this working group among its members, for a two years period, with no extensions possible.

When deemed appropriate by the chair of this working group, the following people will be invited to the meetings:

  • A Spanish delegate at ESO Council (MINECO).
  • The Spanish member/s of ESO Scientific-Technical Committee and at the European ALMA Science Advisory Committee.
  • In matters involving industrial returns, the chair will also invite a CDTI representative, usually the el Industrial Liaison Officer for Spain at ESO.
Name Position Affiliation
Jesús Martín-Pintado Chair CAB (CSIC-INTA)
Rafael Bachiller Vice chair IGN
Jesús Gómez Member IGN
Pablo de Vicente Member IGN
Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro Member IAA-CSIC
José Carlos Guirado Member UV
Benjamín Sánchez Head of the Spanish Delegation to ESO MINECO

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